Make a clean start…

Make a clean start…2018-06-12T10:54:32+02:00

Making a decision to live healthier and ensuring that the steps you take will benefit your family are important ones.

​Hygiene is seldom considered a health risk, mainly because we assume that everyone around us follows the same commitment to personal hygiene as you do.

​The difference between being paranoid about what you touch, what your children come in contact with and avoiding public spaces at all costs is a bit extreme.

​Something to bear in mind about young children that are inclined to put everything they find into their mouths, might set off alarm bells in your commitment to protect your bundle of joy, but the truth of the matter is that the inclination for a baby to do this is instinctive and vitally important – within reason of course.

Babies have a large thalamus gland designed purely to load immunity data into their system. In their early development,  as they begin to crawl, this inclination increases, until instinctively they stop doing it, theoretically once their immunity bank of known environmental “germs” is completely recorded.


​The emphasis placed on the importance on immunity and our immune system is being driven by HIV and AIDS consciousness and the fact that as the world becomes more populated, the risk of other infection grows.

​In some of the population, immunity is compromised by a predisposition to allergies, asthma and eczema. Most of these conditions are effected by the environment.

Allergies to pet dander (fur) grass and tree pollen, dust mites and other elements challenge the way people with immune disorders live.

There are many natural products available that can help build a strong immune system in “healthy” people, and by healthy, we mean people that are not allergic to anything in their surroundings and do not suffer negative reactions to foods or medicines.

If you or your child are allergic to anything, always be sure to tell your pharmacist or clinic sister.