A Healthy Lifestyle Starts In The Kitchen

A Healthy Lifestyle Starts In The Kitchen2018-06-12T09:52:04+02:00

Too much of anything is likely to have a negative effect on your health. Balanced protein and carbohydrates in your daily diet should by all accounts ensure good health. Portion size is a critical aspect to healthy weight management.

The best way to look at your health and what you eat is by first understanding that food is just fuel. Just as our cars have a maximum capacity fuel tank, and just as we need to fill the tank from time to time, so it is with our bodies.

Nutrition in the right balance is simply optimum human fuel. And just as you could harm your engine by putting the wrong fuel into the petrol tank, so is filling up on the wrong foods. Anything high in sugar, or high in fat can be harmful. And sadly, most convenient snacks are either too high in the one or the other.

So if food is just our fuel, then it is important understand that the less active we are, the less fuel we need. Unlike the mechanical functions of a car, we can fill up too much. If we eat more fuel than we burn, we start to burden our bodies with the development of fat.

Healthy living is actually a very simple discipline, complicated not by the people that make fast foods and sweets. We complicate our lives by not regulating what we eat, when we eat it and how much we eat.

Some argue that obesity is genetic, or hereditary. Clinical science suggests otherwise. Having obese parents and becoming obese yourself is most often an aspect of transference of lifestyle, more than about it is about genetics. We tend to grow up eating what is put in front of us. Our pallets become accustomed to certain foods and preferences. Mainly because we are conditioned by our mothers and fathers to like what they like. To snack as they snack and to indulge in certain foods that are the traditional staple in the home.

“I’m fat like my mom” is often stated by women that don’t realise that they are merely following the lifestyle behaviour of their parents, not because of a medical condition.

Food is fuel. The less energy you burn, the less food you should eat. Be aware of impulsive eating, especially if it is high in carbohydrates and sugars.

Exercise is not only recommended because it helps burn excess energy. Critical parts of the body like the lymphatic fluid that travels through your lymph nodes is cleansed only through exertion and breathing. The more your raise your breathing rate as happens when we exert energy during exercise , is what purifies the lymphatic system.

Exercise also helps exercise your heart. And like all muscle in the body, left without exercise weakens its ability to function correctly.

Exercise increases your metabolic rate. The burning off of excess “fuel” in the body is accelerated through exercise. And when you are fit, your metabolism works more efficiently.

Weight management will always be a popular but difficult subject to broach. Mainly because we know that we feel most attractive when we are in the best shape. It is human instinct that makes us look at people that are in shape as something to be desired.

You can’t talk yourself into your jeans when the are too tight to wear. You can’t lie to yourself when the shape in the mirror shrieks back at you! “Help me!”

​When you put on weight, you’ll find that the two most exercised parts of the body are the jaw muscle, as well as the arm and hand that is putting stuff into your mouth.

Lastly, also recognise that food is technically chemical. Just as we are. We talk about human chemistry when describing the attraction between two people. but everything in our entire being is chemical. It’s the balance and the essential chemicals that make us and keep us healthy.