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The intimate relationship between pharmacist and customer should never be underestimated. While many large corporate retailers see the provision of healthcare as just another commodity, your Alpha Pharm pharmacist gives you professional, personal attention, privacy and trust. This does not come at additional cost to you but is regarded part of the service offerings our pharmacists provide their many customers each and every day. Professional advice, care, service and value is all yours and something every community based Alpha Pharm pharmacy dispenses with the highest regard to your health and that of your family.

Alpha Pharm pharmacies form the largest national group of independent community pharmacies, backed by the country’s biggest independent pharmaceutical wholesaler. With more that 420 branded Alpha Pharm pharmacies and an additional 230 unbranded affiliates, Alpha Pharm serves the greater South African population, geographically offering the widest reach into some of the most remote rural regions. There is an Alpha Pharm pharmacy near you.


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    – Diabetes And Glucose Monitoring
    – Blood Pressure Measuring & Monitoring
    – HIV Testing And Counselling
    – Breast Examination
    – FREE Funded Health Screening

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